Led lighting

With lots of various styles and types of LED lighting, selecting the LED light bulb may become a complicated task. Here are some tips as to what to regard when purchasing your LED lights:

Decide on your required wattage. Keep in mind - the more watts, the more energy lamps will use.

Next decide on the fitting. LED lighting is available in a few kinds of fittings, such as bayonet, pin and screw fittings. Such types will fit into your existing light sockets.

You may choose between cool and warm light.

It is strongly recomended to buy high quality lights, or they won't live long. The experts advise purchase high quality bulbs rather than inexpensive ones from eBay or discounters. They are cheap as the lamps use materials that can easily go bad and fairly low-quality chipset. A high quality LED lights will last up to 20 years.

LED lighting

There are plenty of kinds of LED lights, varying from ambient LED bulbs like solar outdoor lights or fairy lights to LEDs designed for digital clocks or some warning signals. The light output in ambient lights is not essential, because they are made to create an atmosphere or color. Contrariwise, high-output white LED lights are designed to provide bright light output for operational use.

Still, such 'functional' LED products may vary greatly as well. You will find lots of levels of brightness available, and there is no industry-wide general standard in LED lighting so far. So it is very important to understand what you really need when buying LED products.

Make sure that the LED products that you are going to buy have a 24+ month warranty.

Warranties must be published and easely accessible either online or on request from a seller.The warranty becomes your true insurance that if your new LED light products will not work or will be faulty in any way, you'll be able to return these products to the seller who may either provide a fix, replace or full refund.

If a seller does not provide you with a requested warranty information or doesn't publish it, then don’t even take your time to consider this deal and proceed searching for another offer even if the price is very attractive.

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