Solar lighting

Solar garden lights may be any bulbs powered by the energy of a sunlight. Any solar light cosists of three basic components – the light itself (that is usually LED, still it may as well be some other electric lamp type), the rechargeable battery and the solar cell. The sunlight falls on the solar cell and then the solar energy is converted into electric power that is preserved in the battery unless and until the solar lighting is switched on at night. You may select from such kinds of outdoor solar lights as sensor lights, fairy lights, garden lamps, spotlights, uplights, Christmas lights and some others.

The outdoor solar lights are famous for their long service life.

Solar lighting

The electric lamps and particularly LED lights can work for lots of years and won't burn out, accordingly you won’t have any problems with their replacement and will be able to save some dollars. Even so when the time will come to replace the LED light, it’s most likely the time to completely replace the whole solar light in any case.

Please read some useful tips on using the solar lighting:

Remember to install the solar cell, or the item itself if it has a built-in panel, in a place where the sun rays will easely strike it. For example if you install string solar lights on a tree and mount the solar cell also on this tree, there are a lot of chances that the battery will not charge fully because of shadows.

The consumer should bear in mind that the solar outdoor lights are truly for Spring and Summer use only. The solar lighting will work great in the Spring and Summer months, when the days are full of sunshine, but never forget that if you wish to please your family and guests with solar lighting on Christmas, you will surely need clear skies and a bright Winter sun.

To have your solar lights providing the most bright light, you should charge the battery for a full 8 hours in direct sunlight. Remember that the solar battery won’t charge if a day is entirely cloudy.

If you have purchased the lighting that has some multi-function settings, then it is preferable to choose a flashing or twinkling function instead of static because in this way the battery will stay charged longer.

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