Home Lighting

Lighting has always been the main part of a presentation in theaters and music halls. Recently, however, lighting begins to play a very important role in home design. Designers realize that lighting can play a decisive role in room or garden look. Home lighting may not have much practical significance as in a theater or musical shows, it has an aesthetic value.
Lighting is used to create a certain mood in interior or exterior of a house. Interior lighting design has now become an art form, and not many designers are fluent in this art.
It is desirable that the lighting scheme is directed downwards. Pendant lights are becoming increasingly important and play a major role in style of an interior design.

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kitchen lighting

For general kitchen lighting, upper even light distribution gently flowing from the ceiling is optimal. To create such light you may use several categories of lighting fixtures. First of all, it's all sorts of spotlights, both stationary and moving, freely rotating in several directions.
The main task of top lighting is to keep a light atmosphere of the kitchen in the evening. In addition, if the kitchen area in an apartment with open plan has no windows, ceiling light is a complete replacement of fluorescent lighting orienting. In such kitchens with always-on lamps it is difficult to predict the required amount of light. Typically, the light of spotlights is not enough or is too obtrusive.

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Bathroom Lighting

bathroom lighting

Today's designers believe that bathrooms should be the most illuminated places in a house. One of the basic principles of bathroom lighting is its distribution at three levels: bottom - from 0 to 16 inches, average (working) - at a height of 2.5 ft from the floor; top - above 6 ft. Success of lighting depends entirely on correct positioning of lights at all three levels, regardless of room type. Applied to bathroom it will look as follows.

Striving for beauty, we must not forget about safety requirements, that should be carefully observed in designing of lighting system of a bathroom. Lights should always be protected from direct contact with moisture, and metal fittings of high-voltage fixtures in bathroom require a mandatory grounding.

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